Sunday, 29 October 2017

Don Jazzy Was Right: ”I Am Very Comfortable With Farting” – Tiwa Savage Says In New Video

Some days, Don Jazzy revealed that his First Lady, Tiwa Savage is an expert in farting.
He wrote;
“Person no go know say your mess fit kill person.”
Well,Tiwa covered Guardian Life, a publication insert on lifestyle inside the Guardian Newspapers today and admitted that she feels comfortable farting.
watch below;

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Perfect Summer Maxi Dress For Mamarazi Hangouts

Image of maxi dress
Hello my fashionistas,

I’m back this week with another post from Easter Shot. ☺️ we shot this look right inside my Dad’s house as I embarked on an Easter trip to the Eastern part of Nigeria - Aba, Abia State to be precise, for Easter trip. In my room where we spent most our time.

I fell in love 😍 with this dress the moment I saw it; as you can see am wearing it again on my blog. The colors and the siphon material make it the perfect summer maxi dress but I have to confess I kinda have a “love hate” with it for 2 reasons;

Thing 1; the hardest thing about styling this dress was finding the right shoes… so-farking-hard!

Don’t get me wrong, the lace-up sandals look great and they worked well as we ended up spending the evening at a swimming pool bar of a Luxury Suite hotel (which would have been totes awkward in heels) but in my head I just wanted a pair of lace-up heel shoes.

Not one store in the east had anything remotely close to lace-up heels. So after 2 hours of searching, I had to settle for flat lace-up sandals… that I had in my suitcase (don’t you hate when that happens!)

Thing 2; the shape… well, lack thereof…

It’s a partly shaped with a flay gown, so there was no room for my hips to lie which didn’t go down well with me. Cos at some point I felt it didn’t really work…I didn’t get to cross my bag over my body with the right angles which can do wonders for photos..wink..Yass, happens when you’ve got this blogging thing down pat😉

The sun was so much that I had to wear Topshop glass which gave me a serious

Make sure you watch the photos + leave a comment, I love hearing from you and always eagerly hang out in the comments after I click the publish button.

And remember, you don’t need to be a model to look like you’ve stepped off the runway – you just need a killer wardrobe and some lipstick!

Big love,
Rosalynda xox
Image of maxi dress

Image of maxi dress
I was wearing: Dickins & Jones Gown
                           Top shop Glasses
                            Aldo Laced-up Sandals

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Get Asos And Rock Your World This Spring

Image of off shoulder

I love this Off-shoulder Asos. The light weight woven fabric is so easy to wear for this Spring season. It goes with Black Skinny Jeans giving me a relaxed fit on my body for any kind of partywear for grooving. It's so glamorous and I love to wear them often this season without getting tired of the pieces atall.

The combination with my lace-up black heel gives me a youthful vibe such that i feel on top of the world especially when am walking
 with my hair flying on air. But guess what? I just don't care cause am doing my own thing and I feel so cool on my Now follow these links to shop my style to add into your closet and join me let's rock our world together this Spring:



See some Black Skinny Jeans, High Waist Skinny Jeans, Asos Tall Skinny Jeans

Monday, 3 April 2017

My Dream Evening Gown

 Evening Gown

Hey y’all! I’ve fallen in love with this evening gown made of white gold. It’s a timeless design accented with an allover textured print. The off-the-shoulder neckline gave it a very elegant look, comprised with elbow length sleeves. Ruched back, glamorous floor length, back zip closure and lined. Sadly, I couldn’t find my size cause am struggling between sizes 11and 12. It's a go for spring season and absolutely for the ‘It girls’! I am going to hit the gym, no doubt, no relenting. 
I also found this ivory-cream 'It girl' outfit. It looks like a dream and live out your fantasy in the stunning and unforgettable Long Sleeve Fitted Lace Evening Gown by Terani Couture. Coupled with a Jewel neckline Long sleeves Covered back Fitted silhouette Small train. I found my size in this particular killer outfit and had to quickly place my order. It comes in sizes 4,6,8,10,12,14 and 16. Don't fail to tell me what you think about those two killer evening gowns. For me it's styled for celebrities like...*wink*!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

André Courrèges mini-dresses

André Courrèges first solo collection of 1961 was inevitably compared to the work of his mentor and former employer Balenciaga. Consisting of day suits, dresses and evening wear, Courrèges' first collection was said to be, "decidedly derivative" of Balenciaga in both conception and skill of tailoring.1As Balenciaga was considered a masterful couturier, this comparison was much more than faint praise. Within a few years, however, Courrèges had developed a strict, modern aesthetic that set his work apart from that of his fellow couturiers. He pushed the sartorial envelope by presenting extremely brief mini-dresses and through his promotion of trousers as an important part of the feminine wardrobe. Courrèges also distinguished himself through his strong distaste for restrictive undergarments, claiming in 1965 that the bra would soon be as antiquated as the whalebone corset.2
André Courrèges
c. 1965
Gift of Mrs. Richard Gold

Courrèges favored simple, unadorned shapes: A-line dresses or skirts, slim trousers and boxy jackets. Courrèges minimalist color palette, white with a solid accent, reinforced the bold simplicity of his architectural designs. When paired with the short, flat, patent-leather booties favored by Courrèges and his unusual sunglasses with only a thin horizontal slit for sight, the wearer became a space age vision. Because his designs were so radically different than what was currently being presented by other French couturiers, Courrèges sought a specific customer, one who was "active, moves fast, works, and is usually young and modern enough to wear modern, intelligent clothes."
Courrèges designs proved extremely popular, leading many retailers to create lower-priced knock-offs of his work. The prevalence of knock-offs led Courrèges to suspend public showings of his work between 1965-67, though he continued to design for private clients. In 1967, Courrèges unveiled Couture Future, limited runs of specific garments with lower prices sold from a Courrèges owned Paris boutique. This retail innovation was intended to encourage customers to purchase Courrèges originals rather than knock-offs.

André Courrèges
Gift of Laura Jarre
As the mini-dresses pictured here demonstrate, Courrèges' aesthetic also included an unexpected whimsy. Scalloped trim and floral embellishment soften the strict silhouette of these space-age dresses, giving them a girlish, youthful feel. Widespread interest in youthful femininity was an important component of 1960s fashion and can be understood as a reaction to the hourglass silhouette of the 1950s. We explored this topic in a previous blog post, the little girl look and 1960s fashion.

1 Peterson, Patricia. "Balenciaga Gets Ovation for "Fabulous" Collection" New York Times 2 Aug. 1961: 32.
2 "Courrèges: Lord of Space Ladies" Life 21 May 1965: 47.
3 Ibid: 54.

Let's Take A Walk

Hi My Fashionistas,

How're y'all doing today? My day has been awesome, hope you also enjoyed yours too?

Guess what? I was in door all through today, rearranging my blog and creating more pages. My two boys were well behaved why back from school and didn't get to disturb or distract me alot, well maybe because i promised them some ice-cream if they keep calm (laughing out loud)!!! Now am going to fulfill my promise to them by visiting an ice-cream spot after writing to you all my friends, then i'll also get to exercise my body cause it's stiff.

Am thinking of what sports outfit to wear now, cause I'll be killing two birds with a stone, by exercising my body and getting ice-cream too.

I wish I can have you all my friends, go out with me same time cause I'll love to have some fun together with you all. So you can also join me from wherever you're to walk out with me and as long as you can see the sky above your head then you're also with me.
You can choose a fun to add to it so as not to feel bord walking it exercising yourself. I'll be taking just a 30mins walk.

Thinking of what to wear? This evening or this weekend too in terms of sports wear?  Well, I'll be wearing one first sportswear below.

However, I'll go get dressed up for this night's walk, so prepare to be on the same move with me now, my dear friends. But if you can't make it, you also have an option to engage in an exercise with me this weekend. You can check out some of my sports outfit below:

Cheers with great love,


Event: Cut And Stitches Fashion Academy

Dear Fashionistas!

Cut and Stitches Fashion Academy offers a 6 Week INTENSIVE TRAINING IN PATTERN-MAKING ONLY, NO SEWING. (For people who can sew or wants to become a pattern-maker) only 12 forms available.

Courses includes:
1. How to take measurements correctly

2. Basic Bodice Block
*under-bust shaping
*waist shaping
*dart manipulations(princess dart)
*basic necklines
*sweetheart neck
*draped neck

3.Dress Pattern

4.skirts Pattern
*straight(pencil skirt)

5.Basic Jacket block

6.Basic Trouser block

7.Basic Jumpsuit block

*peter pan/babies collar
*shirt collar
*rolled collar

8. Sleeves


CLASSES: Thursday, Friday and Saturday

TIME: 10am - 3pm.

Fee: N80,000naira which includes textbook.

ADDRESS: 77 Beach Road, Opp. Kings Field College, Cappa Junction, Ebute Ikorodu, Lagos State , Nigeria.

CERTIFICATE : 2weeks after training.

CONTACT : +2347030583665      
       Blackberry pin: 55892E88


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