Friday, 4 November 2016

WHAT'S BEST FOR SKINNY JEANS OUTFIT? (Give your own opinion)

I wore blue Skinny jeans on a Lee Cooper shirt with a Blue Centron high heel shoe.

 Whenever i go out my Skinny pants and high heels on, the combination gives me confidence, increases my self esteem and makes me feel very comfortable. Not only that it cordinates my steps and makes me feel like a model even when am not a model. 

Did you know that Skinny jeans is a fashion brand trend that had refused to be buried in the fashion world?

 Most people prefers to wear it on sneakers because they love to look rock 'n' roll and ready to bounce like a rock star. 
Most ladies love to wear it on flat shoes while some on slippers as casual outfit. 

I love to blend formal and casual skinny wear together to get the sophisticated and the sexy appearance curating a look that is equal parts relaxed. 

Skinny jeans goes with any kind of foot wear. Personally, i love to wear high heels on skinny jeans because when i wear it on any low footwear i just don't feel alright. High heel shoes gives me a beautiful and comfortable dress sense and improves my self esteem.

 Just like some people used to tell me when i was still in school, that they enjoy seating on the walkway chair just to watch me bounce by with my sunscreen glasses covering my eyes and on  skinny pants, just like a runway stepper. I won't lie for the fact that hearing that actually gives me joy and i would want to do more.

If i wear a shirt on skinny jeans and then my high heel shoes, I feel ready to attend any kind of meetings even with the President that's if i have the opportunity. 

So my friend, don't just muse and walk away. It's just my own point of view. Feel free to share yours on the comment box below.


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