Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Let's Take A Walk

Hi My Fashionistas,

How're y'all doing today? My day has been awesome, hope you also enjoyed yours too?

Guess what? I was in door all through today, rearranging my blog and creating more pages. My two boys were well behaved why back from school and didn't get to disturb or distract me alot, well maybe because i promised them some ice-cream if they keep calm (laughing out loud)!!! Now am going to fulfill my promise to them by visiting an ice-cream spot after writing to you all my friends, then i'll also get to exercise my body cause it's stiff.

Am thinking of what sports outfit to wear now, cause I'll be killing two birds with a stone, by exercising my body and getting ice-cream too.

I wish I can have you all my friends, go out with me same time cause I'll love to have some fun together with you all. So you can also join me from wherever you're to walk out with me and as long as you can see the sky above your head then you're also with me.
You can choose a fun to add to it so as not to feel bord walking it exercising yourself. I'll be taking just a 30mins walk.

Thinking of what to wear? This evening or this weekend too in terms of sports wear?  Well, I'll be wearing one first sportswear below.

However, I'll go get dressed up for this night's walk, so prepare to be on the same move with me now, my dear friends. But if you can't make it, you also have an option to engage in an exercise with me this weekend. You can check out some of my sports outfit below:

Cheers with great love,



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